No More Rules

I have always tried to follow the rules. When they were unfair, when they seemed ridiculous, even when I didn’t understand them. At my core, I am a rule-follower.

And I tried for so long to follow the rules around writing and creativity and publishing. I never considered that there would be any way other than agent, publishing house, book deal, published author.

But there is no agent, no book deal, no resounding YES or affirmation from the powers-that-be.

So this rule-follower took things into her own hands. I wrote a book. I published that book, myself. And felt oh so proud that I hadn’t waited around for someone to tell me that it was good enough. No one is going to stop me from seeing my dream come true.

But then I tried to fit my indie writing career into a box, because as it turns out, no matter where you are or how outside the box you think you are, there are always rules. There are always tips and suggestions and ways to do things. And in this Internet world, those things can change on a whim. And I have been trying to keep up, to do what I’m supposed to do, to follow the rules, expecting that rule-following will get me the results I want.

It hasn’t. Because it’s not me. So this space is my attempt to create my own box, my own rules, to embrace this writing and creative life in a way that feels true to me. I want to connect and chat, I want to share my writing world with you. There is no weekly or monthly letter, but you can sign up to hear when I’ve got something special happening. OR you could just send me an e-mail and we can get to know each other, instead of a simple exchange of information that doesn’t actually change either one of us for the better.

I waited so damn long to publish a book. And I did it my way. It really only makes sense to do the rest of this my way too.