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“We Are Not A ‘Busy’ Family Anymore, And Life Is So Much Better” for Scary Mommy

But it was that one Monday afternoon, sometime in late fall, as I buckled all the kids into car seats after those godforsaken swimming lessons, that I began to wonder if our lives needed to look like this.

“How Foster Parenting Changed the Kind of Mom I Am” for Today’s Parent

When my husband and I became foster parents three years ago, we expected a lot of things. We expected to welcome children who needed love, security and stability into our home, quickly and sometimes without much notice. We expected to have to parent through a lot of emotions and trauma and to be a temporary safe place during turbulent times. We expected to say goodbye to kids we loved and would miss dearly. What I didn’t expect was how becoming a foster mom would change the way I approach parenting.

“4 Things I Wish I’d Known about Foster Parenting” for Today’s Parent

…we also believed that opening our home to children who needed love and security would be rewarding and worthwhile. I have to say that, over these past four years, I haven’t once regretted our decision. It has shaped us in ways I never could have imagined. There are still things I wish I had known that would have made things a little easier. If we were sitting down, having a heart-to-heart before you took the leap into fostering children, here’s what I would tell you.

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